At CMA CGM, we constantly innovate to simplify your supply chain and help you reduce costs. We have partnered with TRAXENS to offer you dry container permanently equipped with a cutting-edge connective technology. They transmit near real-time data on your containers’ movement and condition for more transparency, safety and cost-efficiency.

Benefit from more visibility, flexibility and an optimized supply chain to grow your global operations with zero stress thanks to TRAXENS.

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Meet your new Supply Chain Excellence

Drive your Business in Real-Time

Thanks to next-generation connectivity, TRAXENS gives you 24/7 access to your cargo so that you can seamlessly track it anywhere, any time. Our user-friendly hub allows efficient analytics, easy set-up of alerts and personalized notifications: you will therefore be quickly notified of any event that may impact your cargo delivery or quality, and be able to make the right decision on time, like initiating exception management and emergency sourcing plans if needed.

  • Container position history
  • Dynamic update of door-to-door trip plan
  • Real-time snapshot of all containers in transit

Optimize your Logistics

Thanks to user-friendly Supply Chain Analytics, the analysis and evaluation of your supply chain’s efficiency is made easy:

  • Boost the quality of your cargo management thanks to shock tracking data
  • Set up a cargo security strategy thanks to door opening notifications
  • Identify lead times and implement root cause analysis
  • Determine Key Performance Indicators per door to door trade
  • Enhance your inventory management
  • Set up personalized alerts and personalized notifications
  • Comply with processes
  • Supply decisive data for insurance procedures
  • Ease trade finance
  • Improve customs clearance practices

Activate on request

Ask for TRAXENS when booking your cargo and we will give you empty containers equipped with the technology.
Whatever the carrier may be, containers equipped with TRAXENS are fully integrated in our processes. This technology is rapidly becoming the new shipping standard.

Convenient Deployment options

You can test the benefits of TRAXENS by first opting for a Supply Chain Diagnostic on a limited scale. The diagnostic will focus on selected trade routes and identify immediate cost-savings while assessing the full potential of TRAXENS for your activity.
Once you’ve seen how it works, you can implement it on a larger scale, or choose our Advanced Data offer on selected flows.

Supply Chain DiagnosticAdvanced Data

Thanks to our global coverage, TRAXENS is available at numerous sources for destinations anywhere throughout the world. If you need a new port of departure, just ask and we will add it within the month.

Traxens-Ready depots

Additional ports can be added on demand within a 1-month period.

Why choose TRAXENS?

  1. TRAXENS is a performing and fully integrated product using the latest technologies. It uses next generation connectivity for a seamless tracking of your cargo anywhere, any time. A user-friendly hub allows efficient analytics, easy set-up of alerts and personalized notifications.
  2. Whatever the carrier, containers equipped with TRAXENS are fully integrated in our processes, making this technology a new shipping standard.
  3. At time of booking, when requested, CMA CGM will supply the empty containers with TRAXENS technology, with no impact on your business.

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