Cargo Value Serenity

Focus on your business, we take care of your cargo

Cargo Value SERENITY is the first product of the Serenity range, an innovative concept that will totally change the Container Shipping Industry.

Cargo Value SERENITY is extending Bill of Lading conditions, allowing you to benefit from full compensation in the event of loss or damage to your cargo, subject to Serenity’s Terms and Conditions.

Its purpose is to increase the limits of compensation established by International Conventions.

With Cargo Value SERENITY, you can forget about formalities, endless legal disputes with carriers and unpleasant discussions with the bank. We look after every last detail, so that you can concentrate on developing your business.

Get tangible benefits

? Cut out the middlemen: No more intermediaries, no more third parties. With Cargo Value SERENITY, you have one unique point of contact: CMA CGM.

? Eliminate legal disputes: Whatever happens and whoever’s liable, you will receive up to full compensation for the secured value of your shipment.

? Simplify procedures: Free from the constraints of Terms and Conditions, every procedure is easier.

? Optimize costs: With your cargo guaranteed door-to-door, managing your supply chain is smoother, safer and more cost-effective.

? Support worldwide: With the people who know your shipment best constantly by your side, you can expand your business with serenity.

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What our customers say about us

Idriss, Commercial Manager for a Lavender Producer: We are a small company. When we ship one container we ship almost one month of production. If we cannot sell the goods at destination because they are damaged, we absolutely need to get our compensation the soonest possible, in order to keep our company alive! Our cash flow is not strong enough to support the usual legal procedures!

Mathis, Risks Manager for a Furniture Multinational: as an international company, we ship goods to lot of destinations including unsafe ones. Some ports and roads are not safe enough and we used to face many robberies. Now we have decided to protect our cargo value. A small price to have a complete peace of mind!

Service characteristics

 Serenity by cma-cgm

All you need is… Serenity!

Next time you contact your CMA CGM sales representative about a new quote or booking confirmation, ask for the Cargo Value SERENITY option too.
You can also benefit from this service in one click on our website by choosing the Cargo Value SERENITY option in step 5 of the Ebooking (MUST e-Business platform) process.

  • 25 USD/Ctr to secure your cargo value up to 12,500 USD/Ctr
  • 49 USD/Ctr to secure your cargo value up to 25,000 USD/Ctr
  • 99 USD/Ctr to secure your cargo value up to 50,000 USD/Ctr
  • Personalized option*

Cargo Value SERENITY will be reflected on your booking confirmation and your invoice.

*Cargo Value SERENITY can be proposed for any kind of commodities except private vehicles, most of the fresh fruits and the live animals. Special options for Project Cargo are also available.




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