CMA CGM Innovation: the Paperless B/L

The CMA CGM Group provides Paperless Bills of Lading (Paperless B/L) through its eBusiness website.

The Paperless B/L can be fully managed online without having to use papers. It has the same value as a paper B/L, while being more reliable and faster to transfer online. Since these B/Ls are not printed on paper and available electronically, they are more secured and cannot be lost.

A Paperless B/L can be issued or transferred electronically in just one click.

Key benefits

? Instantaneous transfer

Easy, instant and secured transfer between parties

? No loss

Nothing can get lost during transfer

? Same legal value

The Paperless B/L has the same legal value as a traditional paper B/L

How does it work?

Managing your B/L has never been this easy!

Paperless BL

Why switching to Paperless B/L?

  • Faster and more efficient transactions: through the instant transfer of Paperless B/L, you can avoid a lot of administrative inefficiencies associated with handling paper bills. Through this feature, you can reduce a significant amount of time taken to complete a transaction, especially where cargo is subject to multiple transfers of ownership during carriage.
  • Better traceability: the Paperless B/L service ensures your right of title to the cargo, giving you greater control and greater visibility as well. It helps in reducing human errors and gives you extra protection from the forged bills as well.
  • No loss: no more risk of loss of your Bill of Lading as it is not transferred by courier anymore.
  • More secured: communication channels are encrypted and the platform software is hosted in a secure data center with full high availability.

Paperless B/L has the same legal value as paper Bill of Lading

  • It confirms receipt of goods
  • It acts as the contract for carriage
  • It is a document of title

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