Special Cargo

Combining experience and expertise, CMA CGM is well placed when it comes to the logistical challenges of extra dimension cargo with realistic, and global solutions.

Our dedicated experts will take pride in providing you with our Special Cargo services and will find with you reliable shipping solutions, whether you’re shipping sensitive materials or heavy and bulky equipment but also will take extra care of Aid and Humanitarian cargo that often exceeds the size of standard containers.

With over 755 agencies in more than 160 countries all around the world and thanks to our extensive network of ports, terminal operators and suppliers, our teams can deliver a seamless door-to-door service and integrated one-stop-shop solutions for your Special Cargo anywhere in the world.

Project Cargo Division

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Discharge of a yacht to water

Main solutions provided by our team

? Swift tailor-made offers

Based on your specific requirements: route, ground equipment, licenses and permissions, schedule, etc.

? Definition of a project plan

Encompassing all the details of your project thanks to our insight and experience.

? Realistic proposal and all-inclusive quote

Provided within the time allocated.

? Support of a dedicated team of experts

Who will supervise all aspects of your project from origin to final destination and keep you updated at all times until the mission has been successfully completed.

? Anticipation of all operational aspects:

Lashing, cargo surveying, port liaison and adapted loading.

Eric Legros

Eric Legros

Vice President Specialized Products and Value Added Services

CMA CGM has a unique expertise highly appreciated by our customers. They are often producers, and are extremely attentive to the quality of their products that required months of work, follow-up and ripening. They rely on our expertise to preserve the quality of their products. We truly create added value in their supply chain.

A team of experts dedicated to your project

CMA CGM offers a valuable alternative to conventional carriers to provide you with tailor-made solutions for cargo that exceeds standard size containers (Out of Gauge, breakbulk cargo) with true global coverage.

Our high-level transportation expertise covers a wide range of breakbulk, project cargo and heavy lift.

With an expert team dedicated to heavy lift and project cargo, CMA CGM takes pride in offering you with all types of cargo services, from exceptional load to bulky and heavy equipment.

As a worldwide container carrier, we are able to propose you:

? High frequency routes

By using liner vessels with guaranteed weekly sailing and shorter transit times for your Project Cargo, you will have a huge advantage of:

  • Forecasting specific departure and arrival dates, being able to plan ahead with confidence,
  • Smooth your supply chains by eliminating the need to accumulate large volumes to fill a conventional vessel,
  • Shorter transit time and global coverage thanks to high-frequency regular sailings, at reasonable transport costs.

? Modern container vessels and terminals

Nowadays, modern vessels are able to carry up to 500 tons of cargo, and container terminals are quickly adapting to that trend with efficient loading and discharging capabilities in the ports we cover.

? Increased safety for your cargo

We ensure that your cargo will be securely lashed and protected from elements with under deck stow.

Marianne Blechingberg

Managing Director at Oy Hacklin Logistics Ltd

Project Cargo team at CMA CGM helped us to deliver a 50 tons’ reactor from Shanghai to Finland.
The feasibility analysis was done with dedication and professionalism and the team enthusiasm and knowledge showed during this special project was much appreciated. The total transit time was kept, the costs were as offered and most importantly the reactor was securely and timely delivered to the site in South Eastern Finland.

Aid and Relief

The Humanitarian Sector and the CMA CGM support

Emergency, aid & relief agencies, struggling with dramatically increasing needs, are greatly concerned that the humanitarian aids would reach the affected populations, often in conflict areas, and facing the complexities of delivering aids in insecure environments.

The quick response is crucial and relying on an experienced organization to provide them with fast and efficient extensive logistics services is essential. This is a major challenge in the humanitarian crises, not only for the humanitarian organizations, but also for the shipping and forwarding companies.

Over the years, the CMA CGM group has been supporting humanitarian efforts of high profile governmental, non-governmental and charitable organizations and agencies, dealing with a wide range of local and regional emergencies, and is recognized as a leading provider of logistics services to the sector.

Because we care about your efforts and highly value your cargo, because we fully understand the stakes of your actions and challenges of your sector, taking on to meet your needs and requirements in the humanitarian and relief operations, CMA CGM set up at the Head Office in Marseille, France the Humanitarian and Specialized Services Desk to be your unique dedicated entry point!

Trust us for your aid & relief shipments, contact our dedicated team!

CMA CGM will get you there, in the right place, at the right time!

CMA CGM HO Humanitarian Desk Marseille, France

Mailho.[email protected].com

A single interlocutor

To provide NGOs with responsive and swift transport solutions and professional expertise, our team establishes a direct and straightforward connection with them.

This direct access to our own global services and own worldwide network of agencies help you to centralize and streamline their specific surface transport needs and requirements.

Tailor made logistics

To deliver aid without delay to the suffering populations affected by natural disasters and conflicts, our team help you implement, carry out, coordinate and timely manage door-to-door moves.

Sharpened prices

To maximize the budget NGOs allow directly to help populations in need, we work with them at cost effective rates and prices and try our best to add value to our standard commercial services.

Guy Portelli

Global Accounts Manager, Specialized in Humanitarian Transports

By launching a Humanitarian & Specialized Services Desk at HO, CMA CGM matches concretely a real need for the NGOs of a short circuit of communication and direct coordination, swiftly supplying them with adequate tailor made logistic and transport solutions at sharpened prices, enabling to move and deliver aid without delay or hindrance to the suffering populations affected by natural disasters and conflicts.
As one focal point we provide the agencies and NGOs with responsiveness, swiftness, facility, reliability, issue solving, organization and professionalism, opening a direct access to our whole group's capabilities, network, structures and assets through a "One stop shop". We perfectly respond to their high expectations and requirements.

A look at our expertise in the humanitarian field

  • 14 years of door-to-door shipping experience with the United Nations Peacekeeping Operations & Missions (through a UN tender process) in worldwide theatres.
  • 13 years of cooperation with the World Food Programme and NGOs transporting to the affected areas their commodities worldwide, such as agricultural products, food, raw materials, pharma products and medicine, medical or hygiene supplies, vehicles and parts or generators.
  • 2005: Creation of the CMA CGM Foundation, dedicated to improve the well-being of children, especially those with disabilities or prolonged illnesses or from underprivileged backgrounds.
  • 2012: CMA CGM launches ? Containers of Hope ? a large humanitarian transport operation which carried more than 600 containers representing 4,000 tons of equipment destined for nutritional or health programs implemented by Médecins Sans Frontières (Doctors without Borders), Action Contre la Faim (Action Against Hunger), and the French Red Cross in nearly thirty countries.
  • 2018: Creation of the CMA CGM Humanitarian & Specialized Services Desk for a dedicated direct support to the United Nations agencies and to NGOs such as the International Committee of the Red Cross Logistics Center in Geneva.

Dry Containers

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CMA CGM Foundation

CMA CGM Foundation The main goal of the CMA CGM Foundation is to improve the well-being of children, especially those with disabilities or prolonged illnesses or from underprivileged backgrounds.
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Meet Your Dedicated Project Cargo and Aid & Relief Team

To meet your needs, we’ve created a dedicated and highly skilled Project Cargo Division composed of technical and commercial experts. They are at your service for consultancy, engineering tailor made solutions and project management to deliver major projects.

The Project Cargo and Aid &Relief divisions offer you a complete range of support services from the initial planning and budgetary phase to final delivery and facility start-up. For your out of gauge and breakbulk cargo, contact the dedicated team

Mailho.[email protected].com

For your aid & relief shipments, contact CMA CGM HO Humanitarian Desk

Mailho.[email protected].com